Detox and Residential Treatment for Oxycontin Addiction
Jun 6th, 2010 by Patrick

Should a person seek out detox and residential treatment for oxycontin addiction?  Is this the best path for someone who is hooked on prescription opiates and wants to get help for their addiction?

My opinion is that yes, this is the best course of action for oxycontin addicts who want to get help.  There are several reasons for this.

First of all, detox at home cold turkey from opiates is not fun at all, and your chances of success in doing this are very low.  Most people simply cannot make it through the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, which resemble a bad case of the flu.

Sweet relief.

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How does detox and treatment help with this?  What they do in rehab is to give you medication to help with your withdrawal symptoms.  Different rehabs may use different medicines for this, but most of them will normally use Suboxone and Subutex to help get patients detoxed from opiates.  These medicines do a good job of eliminating withdrawal symptoms for the most part.  You may still experience some slight amount of discomfort, but in the end this is a much better route than trying to detox on your own.

The second reason that inpatient treatment is good for opiate addiction is because of the support that you will get from the groups and the lectures at the residential facility.  It will not do you any good to get clean and sober, only to wander out of treatment and walk right into a relapse.  You have to learn some things about how to actually live clean and that is what they will attempt to teach you in rehab.

They might also expose you to 12 step meetings in a rehab setting.  For many addicts, this becomes the lifeblood of their recovery, and they go on to attend many 12 step meetings that become the cornerstone of their recovery.  Without treatment, they may never be exposed to these meetings or to this self help community.

Some addicts meet a therapist in treatment that goes on to help them for a long term basis.  They might continue to see and work with a counselor that they might really connect with in rehab.  Without attending rehab, they may never get the opportunity to meet with and work with this therapist.

Some addicts end up leaving short term residential treatment and attend a long term rehab facility or live in a halfway house.  This can be a huge factor in their ongoing success in recovery and again, without attending that first drug rehab, they would never have been introduced to a long term facility that eventually saved their life.

So basically, even though simply staying at a short term rehab for 10 days or 28 days might not make a huge impact, it can lead to things that might be the answer to your problem and can help you in the long run.   Short term rehab can be the opportunity that you need to find that next step in your recovery.  If you do not attend then you will not have the opportunity to find a solution.

Many people who attend rehab end up relapsing.  That is a fact.  But the truth is, it is still an excellent opportunity for anyone who really wants to get clean and sober.

It is not so much that rehab is a magic bullet or a sure fix….rather, it is that rehab gives you a chance at life again, if you want it.  Most people do not really want to be clean, even when they attend rehab, most people are still in a state of ambivalence, where they might not fully want to be clean.  A part of them wishes that things were different, but they do not really want to be fully clean and sober yet.

It takes what it takes.  For many people, they have to struggle for a few years before they “get it.”

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