Addiction Treatment for a Crack Cocaine Addict
June 6th, 2010 by Patrick

What is the best type of treatment for a crack cocaine addict who continues to struggle with addiction?  What is the best treatment available for struggling addicts in general?  Are certain recovery strategies more effective than others?

Well there are actually a whole bunch of different addiction treatment services that are available to struggling drug addicts.  For example, they might start an addict out with some basic addiction counseling, where the addict would meet with a therapist a few times per month.  Or they might refer an addict to outpatient treatment, where the person would attend groups all day and then go home each night.

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Then you move up to the more intense treatment methods, such as inpatient drug rehab and detox.  This is where the addict would actually check in and stay for a while at a rehab setting.  There they would get the benefit of counseling, therapy, and peer interaction, as well as medical staff support.

It gets even more intense if you move up to long term rehab, where the addict would actually live in  sober recovery house environment.  There they would have random drug screens, meetings, group therapy, and so on.

Ideally, if an addict has tried one type of treatment and failed at it, they should consider moving up to more intense forms of treatment.  This is a general rule but it makes a lot of sense for people who are struggling and nothing has worked for them yet.

My own personal experience was that I was drinking every day, using marijuana every day, and I was starting to experiment more and more with crack cocaine and smoking the stuff.  I had gone to counseling in the past and at some point the counselor told me that he did not think we should see each other any more.  This is because I had no intention of stopping my drug use at the time and the therapist knew it.  So it was just a big waste of time for both of us.

After many more years of trying to use drugs (and being largely unsuccessful at it, because I am an addict), I finally came to a point where I was willing to go to rehab.  I checked into a place and stated there for about two weeks or so.  When I left, I had decided that alcohol was my problem and that I was going to quit drinking but continue to use marijuana.  As you can guess, this did not work so well, and I ended up going back to my drinking within only a few short weeks.

The next time when I really was willing to get clean, I was more willing to do whatever it takes.  So when they suggested long term rehab, I was willing to go.  In the past, I had never been willing to attend rehab, but now I was more than willing.  So I lived in a long term rehab for 20 months and this was the big turning point for me.

Long term rehab did for me what other treatment strategies could not.  It gave me the structure that I needed in order to stay clean and sober for good.  But it also did something else that was really important: it gave me a new set of friends.  All of my old friends were people who used drugs and alcohol.  So without this new set of clean and sober friends, I am not sure that I could have found a way to stay clean and sober at all.

So the bottom line is that you should seek professional help fro your addiction.  If it fails, then seek more intensive help the next time.  Repeat this process until you stay clean and sober for good.

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