3 Warning Signs of Meth Addiction to Watch Out For
June 6th, 2010 by Patrick

Here are 3 warning signs of meth addiction that you should watch out for:

1) Physical appearance – this is the big one that you should watch out for.  The person will obviously lose weight, but they might also do other things to tip you off, such as to be unkempt, unshaven, and so on.  They will stop taking care of themselves and the big warning sign is deterioration in the teeth.  You might also watch out for any burn marks on the skin or even on the clothing.  Burnt lips are particularly common too for those who are smoking meth (or crack cocaine possibly).

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2) Personality change – the meth addict may become hyperactive, or they might do the opposite and withdrawal from people entirely.  Watch for sudden mood swings that cannot really be explained by anything else.  They might become loud and obnoxious due to the meth use, and they also might lose all motivation for achieving anything decent in life.  So watch out for these possibilities.

3) Relationship changes – if they just started using drugs then they will likely be doing this with other people, friends that they have not known for very long.  They might also suddenly discard old friends or family relationships that they once found to be important to them, but are not anymore.  If they are suddenly hanging out with an entirely new crowd of people, then you know something must be going on.

These are the 3 basic warning signs, but of course there are some other things you might watch out for as well.  For example, one is money.  If the person is suddenly broke all the time, or asking to borrow money over and over again, then you know something might be wrong.  Another big one is school or education…if they are suddenly quitting school, dropping out, missing classes, and so on.  Same goes for work, etc.

So what can you do if you see these warning signs of addiction?  The obvious thing to do right off the bat is to confront the person and tell them that you are gravely concerned about them and you cannot even sleep at night because you worry so much for their welfare and that you think something is wrong.  If you cannot get them to confess their drug use then you might tell them flat out that you think they are on drugs, and you want to see them get help.

One thing you might do if you already have it pretty much confirmed that they are on some sort of drugs is to call a drug rehab center in advance and see what the options are.   You might be able to find out at least what it would take to get the person into treatment, what it would cost, if insurance would cover it, and so on.  You might also get an idea of when you can bring someone in or if they need to schedule in advance and so on.  You may not get all the answers you are looking for but you can probably at least get some guidance and direction by talking with some local drug rehab centers.

You can also declare that you will not be a part of their addiction and that you will only support them if they choose to get help.  Tell them that if they want to get help, you will do whatever you can to assist them.  But if they want to keep using, then you would rather just keep your distance from them.  This is knowns as setting healthy boundaries, and will help the addict to see that they are isolating themselves due to their drug use.

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