What to do for Meth Addiction Recovery
Jun 6th, 2010 by Patrick

What are some strategies for meth addiction recovery?  What is the best way to get clean from meth?

There are a number of things that a meth addict might do in order to try to straighten their life out.  One thing they might try first is to go to some NA meetings.  This is not necessarily the best solution for everyone, but it is helpful for most, and it is also free (unless you donate to the meeting.  They are supported only by donations).

Just going to an NA meeting might be of help for a variety of reasons.  One, you might get clean and sober and stay that way forever.  This is the ideal outcome, of course.  But even if that does not happen, you still might get some benefit by being exposed to NA.  One thing you might do is to learn if you are really an addict or not.  Some people just like to abuse drugs, but can easily walk away from the and leave them alone when they really want to.


 photo credit: Barnaby K

However, most drug addicts stay stuck in denial for many years, telling themselves that they could quit, only if they really wanted to, and that they just don’t want to.  This is denial if:

1) The meth addict continues to run into more and more problems due to their drug use.

2) All of the friends and family member of the addict think that there is a real problem.

3) The addict keeps dealing with real consequences due to their drug use but continues to justify them and rationalize them away.  (The police just have it in for me, etc.)

Denial is simply failing to see the truth of the matter, which is that drugs are just no good for some people.  If you are constantly getting into trouble due to your drug use, then you probably have a serious problem.  If you cannot, or will not put the drugs down, even in the face of heavy consequences, then you are probably an addict.

If you find yourself in this position and you have tried to go to an NA meeting, you might also consider going to rehab.  Now keep in mind that most rehabs are just going to expose you to more 12 step meetings, but they also offer a lot more than just that.  You have to use what works for you in recovery and ditch the rest.  If 12 step meetings are not your thing, you can still get a lot of value out of going to drug rehab.

Recovery from meth addiction can start when you are in residential treatment, and you start learning about how to deal with life without self medicating all the time.  You can also learn how to have fun again without drugs or alcohol, though  this may take some time for you to really start living it.  You will also meet a support system in rehab that can help you to stay clean when you leave on the outside.  Maybe you will also meet up with a good therapist who you really connect with, and this could become a form of ongoing support.

Really the best thing is to simply keep an open mind when going in to treatment, and try to take everything in and just soak it all up.  You may be against certain ideas, but just watch them, observe them, let them wash over you and then form your own opinions.  No one has to become a 12 step meeting freak in recovery in order to stay clean necessarily.  You can find your own unique path in recovery, even if all the 12 step folks say that meetings are the only way.  They are not.  Your recovery can take many forms.

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