Key Principles for Meth Addiction Help in Recovery
Jun 6th, 2010 by Patrick

What are some of the key principles for meth addiction help in recovery?

Like with any addiction, there are a few things that will allow an addict to successfully recover if they put forth the effort.  These things are outlined as follows:

* Surrender – the meth addict must come to grips with the fact that they cannot beat their addiction on their own and that they need help.  This has to be proven to the person after they have genuinely decided that they would like to be free from their addiction.  At that point they need to really try on their own in order to stop using drugs.  When they fail to be able to do so, they need to admit to the fact that they really tried.  If they fail to admit that they were really trying to quit, then this is denial.  Many people stay stuck here for years or even decades.  ”I could quit if I really wanted to, I just don’t want to.”  This is pure denial.

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The key principle for getting started with addiction recovery is in breaking through this denial and admitting that they have really tried to stop on their own, but could not.

* Action – Just because a meth addicted person surrenders and admits that they need help does not mean that their life is going to be instantly transformed.  They still have to follow through with action.  And the whole key to this is that it needs to be massive action.

Why massive action?  Because they had a massive addiction, that’s why!  Our addiction is not like this tiny little problem that just needs a tiny correction.  Instead, it is like a huge part of our life, something that consumes almost our every thought and all of our actions, to the point where we now have to reprogram our entire lives.

You cannot expect to spend an hour each day on your recovery and get anything out of it.  If you budget that much time and energy you will relapse for sure.  It takes massive action in order to recover.  Now granted, after you have been clean and sober for a while, you will no longer have to take deliberate massive action like you did in early recovery, but this is because you will already have established more healthy patterns of living.  In other words, you will be in the habit of taking positive action every day.

But in early recovery, you need to take massive action, or you will surely relapse.

* Holistic health – anyone who uses meth for a period of time does quite a bit of damage to themselves.  This damage occurs physically but it also affects a person spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and socially.  In recovery you have to work on all of these things in order to restore yourself to full health.

Many recovering addicts in traditional recovery programs do not believe this.  They think that the solution is spiritual.  This is a short-sighted view that will get you into trouble if you are not careful.  Holistic just means that you are seeking growth in many different areas of your life, not just in the spiritual realm.  To limit your growth to spirituality is a big mistake that too many people make.

One good example of this is with smoking cigarettes.  An holistic approach addresses this and the addict sees quitting as being very important to their recovery effort.  Pretty smart, considering that the number one killer of recovery addicts and alcoholics is lung cancer.  An holistic approach is not only about staying clean and sober, but also about improving the quality of your life in recovery.

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