The History Of Addiction
Jun 6th, 2010 by Patrick

The history of addiction goes back thousands of years. My name is Betty Stewart and this is my story. The addiction that runs in my family is alcoholism. My mom and my Grandmother are alcoholics. I remember my mom telling me stories about how she was treated by my grandmother when she was younger. Things like getting cursed out for asking for food, because she was hungry but my grandmother would rather spend the money on alcohol. Things like being left alone in the house at night at an really young age so her mother could go out and drink at night. Things like not waking up in the morning to get her to school so so she missed a lot of school because of this. Mom mother was hit by my grandmother when she was extremely drunk for no reason at all.

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My grandmother would tell my mother that she was just like her and would never amount to any thing in life, because she was ugly and stupid. This abuse got worse when my grandmother marred another alcoholic and a crack user, when my mom was 9 years old. He quickly started mistreating my mom. My grandmother pretty much let him do what ever he wanted to as long as she had her alcohol because at this time she was not working. One night my mom said that she was woke up from a hand touching her leg and it was her step dad. He was clearly drunk was mumbling words like ” If you tell I will kill you”. My mom said she was scared so she was quiet and he began abusing her and did so for 5 years. 

At age 14 my moms life had not got any better my grandmother was worse drinking almost a gallon of vodka a day and at least one bottle of wine. My grandmother had alcohol poisoning at least 6 times in the last 3 years. My mom was sick if the abuse from her step dad also and he was fed up. So that is when my mom started to drink at first she would just drink socially with friends and stuff to get away form her hell of a house. Then it got to the point where she needed a drink every day. She said being drunk erased the pain. At the age of 16 my mom left home and lived with an older friend who had their own apartment. My mom never went back to my grandmother’s. My moms friend drank but she also used heroin so my mom soon was an alcoholic and a heroin addict. My mom became a dancer to support her habits. By the time my mom was 19 she has been arrested 6 times and had done 2 years in jail. But she kept relapsing on the drugs and alcohol. When my mom was 20 she got pregnant with me. She said that that when she wanted to get clean because she did not want me to go through the same things she did in her childhood but that was not the case.

So yes my mother stayed an alcoholic and is still one to this very day. I however was put up for adoption by my birth mother she says so i would not go through what she went through. I had a pretty good life growing up. So when I turned 18 and felt I was ready I found my birth mom and she told me the story on her life and her history and why she had to make such a hard decision. Millions of family’s are affected by addictions every day. Some never get help and some recover. Either way it is a struggle and I’m glad my Birth mother decided to give me up then put me through what she goes through but I’m also happy that I can educate my children on addiction and its dangers by knowing first hand.

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