The Facts About Drug Addicted Children
Jun 6th, 2010 by Patrick

While talking about children who are drug addicted is a very sensitive issue it is one that really does need to be discussed. This article will focus on drug addicted children and what can be done about it. This is a very serious issue and an issue that cannot be just swept under the rug. Children are supposed to have a carefree, happy and safe life, but what happens when that child becomes addicted to drugs. This article will cover both children being born with drug addictions and also children who develop a drug addiction during their childhood years.

A serious epidemic that has always seem to be present is children being born already addicted to drugs. This is a sad and harsh way for a child to enter the world. This can happen if the mother is taking illegal drugs or consuming alcohol during her pregnancy. A mother addicted to drugs will pretty much lead to a child being born fighting a drug addiction. Not only will the child have to face the withdrawal from the mother’s drug of choice, they may also be born with birth defects. Some of these birth defects can include developmental issues, behavioral issues, being born without fully developed arms and legs, or sometimes the can be born with clubfoot. Cleft palate and very low birth weight are also possible side effects. Fetal Alcohol syndrome is another scary possibility for babies being born to mothers who consume alcohol during their pregnancy. Babies who are born with a drug addiction will go through the same withdrawal process that anyone would. Really seems unfair to bring a child into this world, who has to struggle to stay alive. The key to preventing this from happening is education. There is so much documented literature available that no baby should be born this way. Seeking medical and professional help is crucial. Another key to preventing this is simple, do not use any illegal substance or consume alcohol while you are pregnant. All pregnant women should be receiving prenatal care.

Let’s look at the situation where children become addicted to drugs on their own. Statics do show that children who are raised in home where drug and alcohol use are present are much more likely to develop a drug or alcohol addiction. If you are raising children in a home where you or someone in your family is suffering from addiction, it is vital to seek professional help. Not only for your child, but for your own health as well. Children need to be educated and taught the dangers of drugs. As your child grows older and starts attending school, it is inevitable that your child will be faced with peer pressure. You are the tools that your child needs to stay away from drugs.

What if you suspect that your child is under the influence of drugs or alcohol? The first step is to talk to your child, confront them about this. You will probably need to seek professional help as well. Ignoring the situation will not make it go away, it will probably only escalate and get worse. Your child’s doctor should be able to help you understand treatments and things you can do to help get your child off drugs. It is very sad to see and hear about all the death of children that can be linked to the use of drugs. Children are very impressionable, so keep this in mind in all activities you do. Spend time talking with your kids and make sure they know the risks of using drugs. Seek out help soon, the sooner the better. Do not delay when it comes to a drug addicted child.

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