Overcoming an Addiction to Pain through Getting Help
Jun 6th, 2010 by Patrick

How can you overcome an addiction to pain and get help for your problem?  What is a pain addiction anyway?

Many people who have troubled lives or troubled emotional states will engage in different acts of self mutilation or bring self inflicted wounds upon themselves.  They might do this for a few different reasons at first, but the reason that it becomes addictive is because it is like a drug.

Many people who do this eventually end up cutting themselves because it is a rush to see the blood flow out of their bodies.  This is a rush in two ways for some pain addicts: one, they have become conditioned to get emotionally high from seeing the sight of the blood, but two, they become excited by seeing the blood because it is symbolic of suicide.  Most people in this position have thoughts of suicide and cutting is a way to sort of edge up against that and play with the idea.

Deep Thoughts - טרוד ממחשבות

 photo credit: Eran Finkle

First, understand that anyone who is doing things like this is in real danger and they need to get professional help.  Cutters who have just been toying with the idea of suicide have accidentally slipped over the edge in some cases.  This is tragic and not necessary if they would seek help for their cutting addiction.

If the threat is immediate to themselves then the best place for them is a psychiatric hospital.  Many people think there is a huge stigma attached to such places but this is an old way of thinking and is not necessary anymore.  Many people experience mental problems and issues and it is a great sign of strength to actually face these problems and seek help for them.  Going to a psychiatric ward is a very powerful choice, so don’t feel bad or stigmatized because you are checking into a psych ward.  That is an old and outdated way of thinking.

So how will you get help in the long run, and avoid self harm in the future?  This is based on creating a new life for yourself and recovering from these bad behaviors.  You need to replace the negativity in your life with positive things.  You need to create goals and passion in your life that is worth building towards.  You need to create enough positive experiences in your life that they can overcome your desire to get that rush through self inflicted pain.

This can take time and a lot of work.  Do not expect for everything to change overnight.  If it all get better overnight, then that would not be worth much, because then it could get so much worse in just a quick amount of time.  No, this is a long, slow process of recovery.  Expect it to be long and challenging.

You can get help in many ways.  Counseling and seeing a therapist is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself on a regular basis.  If you have one but do not trust them or really click with them, then you should find a new one.

Group support may be helpful as well, for some people.  If you have been to a psychiatric facility then they probably have follow up groups, support groups, or meetings schedules that allow you to interact with other people who are on the same journey that you are on.  This can be extremely helpful in getting ongoing support for your condition.

It may be dark in the early days of your recovery.  It might seem like it is not worth it to go on living like this, with no way to medicate anymore.  It does get better eventually.  Stick it out, and some day you will love your life again.

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