Does Hypnosis for Drug Addiction Really Work?
Jun 6th, 2010 by Patrick

Many people want to know if hypnosis for drug addiction really works or not.  They are hoping to get enough evidence in front of them to go spend the money on hypnosis and all of their problems will be solved.

Well, here is how it actually works.

Hypnosis is a tool.  You might say it is a similar tool to other things such as meditation, cognitive therapy, or yoga.  It can help, but it probably cannot make or break your recovery.


 photo credit: pb3131

Let’s look at the evidence.  I have direct evidence in my life that hypnosis can be helpful for treating addiction.  I have a friend who is a recovering drug addict who has been smoking cigarettes for over 30 years.  He wanted to quit smoking and nothing he had tried was working for him.  So he decided to give hypnosis a try, and lo and behold, he has not had a cigarette for over 4 years now.  I believe he had 2 sessions with a hypnotist that he thoroughly trusted, costing him less than 200 dollars.

Now before we get carried away with a story like this, let us consider the fact that my friend actually wanted to quit smoking.  This is a critical piece that many people seem to miss when it comes to treating addictions.  Most addicts want the benefits of recovery without having to put in the work.  Most addicts wish that things were different and that they did not spend thousands of dollars on their drug of choice.  But just because they wish that things were different does not actually mean that they want to quit using drugs.

Think about that for a moment.  The difference between:

Wishing that things were different, and that you were not addicted to drugs and wasting money on them all the time.


Wanting to stop using drugs.

There is a huge difference.  But most of us equate them with being the same thing.  We think that our wishes for a better life really mean that we actually want to stop using drugs.  We might make a feeble, half hearted attempt at quitting and then feel frustrated because we relapse or fail.  But the problem is that we are actually lying to ourselves, and we do not really want to quit using drugs yet.

Now the key point I am trying to make here is that hypnosis can be an excellent supplement to your recovery strategy, but it cannot make you want to quit using drugs.  Understand this point because it is very important.  Hypnosis cannot make you want to quit drugs.  All it can do is to help you if you have already made the decision that you truly want to quit drugs.

You cannot fool your own mind.  If you just wish that things were different and try to convince yourself that you really want to stop using drugs, it will not make any difference at all until you actually, deep down, want to stop using more than anything in the world.

The fact is that most people have a pretty low bottom with addiction and therefore they need to experience a whole lot of pain before they are ready to stop using.  We can fool ourselves very easily into thinking that we can use some trick or some gimmick in order to create a desire to stop using drugs, but the truth is that there are no gimmicks for that.  Drug addiction may be helped by hypnosis but only if you truly want to stop using drugs, not just change your life.  Your desire to be rid of your drug of choice must be specific, and intense.  You have to truly be sick and tired of it, right down to the core.  All joy and fun with the drug must be gone.

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